Our mission:

Market mini-wastewater treatment plants for habitation buildings, in urban and non urban areas.

Our vision:

Do source separation and recycle domestic wastewaters and kitchen left-overs.

Recycle it all!

Yes! We recycle faeces, papers, urines, kitchen left-overs and residual wastewaters from habitations without changing peoples habits.


We've developed a unique separator-composter solution that manages outcomes from a classic water toilet.

Team belief

Source separation is the best solution to manage putrescible waste and deteriorating water treatment infrastructures.

Final phase

We are testing a pre-commercial Mini Wastewater Treatment Plant (MWTP). Recycling all outputs, safely onsite or offsite.


  • 24-02-2013 , Lab results confirms exceptional separation efficiency.
  • 21-02-2013 , Bioturbine invited to Ottawa and Boston Venture Forums.